Thomas was born and raised in Northeast New Jersey, a middle child with 2 sisters, his parents divorced when he was just 10. He grew up a lover of films as well as fascinated by the human condition which brought him to Seton Hall University where he received his Bachelor's degree in both Psychology and Criminology with the intention of becoming a criminal psychologist. 

As he was finishing his degree however he decided to enter the world of finance for all the wrong reasons (read $$) and began working as a Collateral manager for Merrill Lynch making margin calls and handling portfolios through “The Big Short” of the financial crisis... not too funny in person, but depicted frighteningly accurate. 


Quickly realizing a corporate office job was not what he wanted to be doing for the rest of his life he revisited his love of cinema and for the first time ever, entertained the idea that he could channel this passion into a career. He began by a taking the summer intensive at Stella Adler in NYC and immediately fell in love with performing. He knew this was his calling and where he belonged. He continued studying at Stella Adler working on his craft taking every class offered and reading countless books on acting. Reading Sanford Meisner's book on acting lead to him to reading William Esper's  'The Art and Craft' which brought Thomas to applying for the summer intensive workshop at William Esper studio where he discovered the Meisner technique. This lead to him enrolling in the 2 year conservatory program, studying by night under the tutelage of Terry Knickerbocker and developing the tools to bring truth to a story and to authentically create a character. 

In 2015 after graduating from the conservatory program and having acted in a slew of short and student films, Thomas dove into the world of entertainment fully, quitting his day job at Merrill Lynch and becoming a full time actor. 

He began his career booking the lead roll in the feature film  'By Any Means'(2017) where he plays the seemingly distraught father desperate to save his ailing daughter...or so it would seem. This performance won multiple awards in film festivals and lead to another spine chilling dark performance in the Thriller 'Collision at Split Rock' which garnered Thomas further festival award winnings and nominations for best actor.


In 2019 Thomas made the decision to move from NYC to Los Angeles to break into the world of television. 

He met Sharon Holleran of A&R Management and began being managed by them. He quickly booked a role in the film 'The McHenry Trials: Don't Judge a Kid by Their Hoodie'. He played the arrogant lead prosecutor Brad which would garner him another best acting award for Best Acting Ensemble alongside Emmy Award winner Lorretta Devine.

Opening night at the Barrow Group Theater with my parents and sisters.(My father inspires my mean mugs in films)
Ind Short Award Best ENSEMBLE.jpg

In 2020 the entertainment industry and entire world came to a screeching halt due to Covid-19  

Keen on remaining as active as possible Thomas actively took zoom acting lessons with his mentor and coach Sheila Grey. He also performed in the 2020 zoom theatrical performance of Jean-Paul Sartre's 'No Exit'.

As well as starting a podcast with girlfriend and fellow performer Chelsea Brea.

Once the industry began reopening in September of 2020 Thomas and his Girlfriend Chelsea Brea were cast as the lead stars in the hit reality show  'Temptation Island'


Thomas Gipson