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Thomas Gipson

~ about me

"The bad new is time flies.

The good news is you're the pilot"


Thomas is a Meisner trained, award winning film actor. A graduate of the William Esper Studio in NYC, trained under renowned acting coach Terry Knickerbocker.Upon graduating from the William Esper conservatory program in 2015 Thomas landed the lead role in the Thriller 'By Any Means' which inspired the real life kidnapping of model Chloe Ayling. He then moved to LA shortly before the Covid 19 pandemic struck. During this time he was cast in the hit reality tv show Temptation Island on USA. He has most recently portrayed as the lead male in the Lifetime movie 'Hider In My House'.

Opening night at the Barrow Group Theater with my parents and sisters.(My father inspires my mean mugs in films)

In 2020 when entertainment industry and entire world came to a screeching halt due to Covid-19  

Keen on remaining as active as possible Thomas actively took zoom acting lessons with his mentor and coach Sheila Grey. He also performed in the 2020 zoom theatrical performance of Jean-Paul Sartre's 'No Exit'.

As well as starting a podcast with girlfriend and fellow performer Chelsea Brea.

Once the industry began reopening in September of 2020 Thomas and his Girlfriend Chelsea Brea were cast as the lead stars in the hit reality show  'Temptation Island'

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